Beloved in Christ,
         Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Saviour Jesus Christ, as you are in the month of April 2015. Praise God for He has been protect us for the past three months.

           Jebathottam ministries has completed 25 years, in the Lord's ministry by this March. God Himself has been lead till now. All Glory to Him alone. In remembrance of this occasion, and as a thanksgiving, a special fasting prayer was organised, and Annan Ezekiah Francis, with his wife, he shared the word of God and blessed the ministry. And also Annan Joseph balachander, have also participated in this meeting and encouraged the ministry. Both of them, is being a very good councillors to Jebathottam Ministries from its earlier days. Glory to God!

         As the promise of this month, God showed me Psalm 56: 4. "By [the help of] God I will praise His word; on God I lean, rely, and confidently put my trust; I will not fear. What can man, who is flesh, do to me (Psalm 56:4 AMP)." Yes! We depend on the Lord our God. Therefore, we do not need to fear about anything. Even if the entire fleshly world comes against us, they could do nothing against us. Take a look at the situation of the psalmist, when he writes the Psalm 56. When David was seized by Philistines in Gath, he sung this song. Can a man sings "I Trust in God.  I will not be afraid for anything", when he is been caught by his enemies? But David does it. Because He knows and believes His God is greater than the situation. He trusted, Whatever and however the situation might be, the God who could change everything upside down is with Him, and He will change everything. You too trust this verse and confess it this month, "Whatever the situation might be, the one, who could change it, is with me. I trust in God. I will not be afraid. What can a mere man do to me?" You could see God Himself will lead you all-through this month.

          Our Jebathotta Jeyageethangal 35th album in tamil, is about to be recorded this month. Please do pray for that to be released on projected time. And continue to uphold this ministry in your prayers. May the Lord bless you alll.

meeting report date: 
Tuesday, April 7, 2015