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God Almighty:
"He struck the rock, and water gushes out (Psalms 78:20)."

Our God is "the God Almighty". He is the one who could turns everything into upside down and who could make a way where there seems to be no way. "He turns desert into pools of water, and the dry land into springs of water (Psalms 107:35)." The Lord almighty, brought out water, from the rock for the people of Israel. He divided the Red Sea, to make a way for His people. But the same Red Sea, turned as a grave for the Egyptians. The Red Sea was their obstacle to move on. But The Lord, broke their obstacle, and made them a way, and with the same way He destroyed the Egyptian army.

Beloved, as in the same manner, you may be facing obstacles and barriers which is stopping you from your way to the next level. But don't worry. Never and ever give up your hope on The Lord Almighty. He is the one, who could break your barriers and obstacles, and change them into a stepping stones for you to the next level. He is also able to turn those barriers into blessings for you. He turned the rock, into a spring of water, to feed for their thirst. But all you need to do is, don't ever grumble for your present situation. Don't give up your faith on the God Almighty. Thank God for what he has done till now, and how he has been lead your fore fathers and you in your past situations.

Always offer Him a thank offering, which will remove your pain, and make a way for you to move on.

Friday, March 13, 2015