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Strong hope:
"Hope does not make ashamed (Romans 5:5)."
"Those who trust in me will never be put to shame (Isa. 49:23)."

Those who put their hope in Jesus Christ's resurrection, will be saved. That hope will not make ashamed. Strong hope in The Lord is the main thing in a saved Christian's life. That only make a person to survive in his hard time, and make him to endure the hardship. We can see many example for those who trust Him, never be ashamed. We can see "Father of faith", Abraham as a perfect example. God have called him, to come out of his forefathers land. He trust the voice of The Lord. He put his hope on God the Father, and came out. When he came out, he was childless. But God have promised, "I'll make you a great nation. And make you a blessing to others. And will make your name famous." (Gen. 12:1-3)." Abraham trusted the voice of God, and put his hope on God and came out.

Again, when Abraham was 75, he was having depression for not having child, God made a covenant promise with Abraham (Gen. 15) to strengthen him. After that Abraham hold the covenant promise and believed it. Though the situation was telling not possible, he looked at the God who said it is possible. He didn't consider he was old and Sarah's womb was dead. He just had a strong hope in God. God considered it as his righteousness. And after 25yrs of waiting. god gave him a son. The strong hope, he had on The Lord Almighty only make him to see his covenant promise fulfilled.

Beloved, you may be in a dark and burdened situation. You may be in a situation without knowing what is going to happen next. Hold the promise, and have strong hope in the word of god. The one who created you and calls you, will not leave you as an orphan. Cheer up. Have a strong faith in God at whatever situation. He will only make things to happen.

Friday, March 13, 2015