Fr S J Berchmans

Christ is the father to everyone who lives without parents. Instituting, a home for the destitutes was the long-lasting vision of the Father.Berchmans

Of Gods Grace, Magilchi illam, founded in 2005 in small tent with 12 children, has now been grown to accomadate 53 children with 6 caretakers

Fr S J Berchmans Fr S J Berchmans

Yes! Truly he has been the “Ebenezer” through the past 8 years and has been taking care of the needs of the children and the home. Now a new building has been constructed for the children to stay. It is our main aim to provide these children with good education and values. To achieve this noble thought, we have placed our children in reputed schools. Besides providing healthy foods, we help them grow spiritually strong. Apart from giving them healthy food for their bodies, we also help them grow spiritually. All this is possible because of the grace of our almighty God.

Please pray for the children's need and the well being of the caretakers. May God bless you.